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"Ye vs Tay" skratch record (DIGITAL COPY ONLY)

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Image of "Ye vs Tay" skratch record (DIGITAL COPY ONLY)

Please note that this item is a DIGITAL copy only; no physical record is included. After ordering, you will receive an e-mail link to download both sides of the "Ye vs Tay" record in wav format. From there, you can skratch with it in your choice of DVS system, such as Serato or Traktor.

CLICK HERE to preview Kanye's side
CLICK HERE to preview Taylor's side

From the strange minds that bring you the "Skratch Snobs" video series: it's "Ye vs Tay," the newest digital cut record for all you A-list skratch celebrities!

Both sides are chock-full of dope skratch samples; one side is composed of sounds from 'Ye songs, while the other is made of sounds from Tay songs. If these two pop titans had to settle their beef once and for all with a skratch battle, this would be the record they both used!

All silliness aside, this is a top-quality cutting record. Mike C and AkikoLUV have worked hard to bring you only the kind of samples that sound and feel good to cut with. Special care was also taken to arrange some phrases and sentences that "flow" seamlessly into themselves all the way around the record, for endless syllable combinations.

Audio mastered by DJ Flip Flop. Enjoy!


Needle-drop previews of each side: