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What You Need To Start Skratching: A Buyer's Guide

Let's say you've seen this skratching stuff and you think it's cool; but you don't have any equipment, and you don't have a whole lot of money either.  Is it still possible for you to participate in this stuff? 

The answer is YES.  You can start skratching right now if you want to, even if $155 is all you have. NOTE: I'm certainly not saying that $155 will get you top-of-the-line equipment, or anything close to it.  But it will enable you to get started, and that's what's most important.  (As you can guess: it's not just about the equipment, but mostly about the person using it.  I guarantee that you could put D-Styles on this $155 setup, and he would rip it harder than DJ WackBootyJam ever could on even the world's most expensive setup.)  So what exactly does $155 enable you to buy, that will enable you to get started skratching?

The two things you'll definitely need to buy


That's it!  That's all you need to buy in order to get started! In truth, there are a few other things you need in addition to this, and they are listed below.  But they are fairly common and not DJ-specific, so there's a good chance you have them already.  In addition to the two items listed above, you'll also need the following.


The 3 things you'll also need, but probably already have:

  1. A power outlet.  Portable turntables such as these are known for being able to run on D batteries, or with a power bank and adapter.  But the Numark PT01 Scratch turntable pictured above also comes with an AC adapter that you can just plug into your wall.  So unless you live somewhere with no electricity whatsoever, you'll be covered on that front.
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2.  A smartphone, mp3 player, laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet, CD player, or anything else that allows you to play music and instrumentals that you can skratch along with.  I'm willing to bet that you already own at least one of these options. 

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3.  Either 1) a set of headphones; or 2) a sound/speaker setup that allows you to amplify music playing from the device mentioned above.  Again, I'm willing to bet that you at least have a set of headphones on you already.  One note about this: Headphones or speakers that connect only via Bluetooth won't get it done in this case.  In order to work with this basic setup, you'll need a set of headphones or a speaker with a 1/8" cord that plugs into something, as pictured below.  

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And that's it!  Assuming you have access to the 3 non-DJ specific items just named above, then you can absolutely get started skratching right now for $155 by buying the first two items named in this article:

The two things you'll definitely need to buy

Recommended upgrades

Again, the items described above comprise the absolute bare minimum required to get started skratching on a portable 7" setup.  If you absolutely only have $155 to spend, then stick to the above.  But when your budget allows, the following upgrades are highly recommended.   

1/8" male to 1/8" male cable

This could have been included in the "mandatory" section; but technically, you can still get started skratching on one turntable, with no beat to accompany you.  That's why it's listed down here.  Having said all of that, you'll definitely need this cable (also known as a 3.5mm male to male cable).  You'll use this cable to plug your smartphone/tablet or other audio source (mentioned above) into the "Stereo Input" jack on your PT01 Scratch turntable.  That way, you can combine the instrumental from your audio source with the skratching coming from your turntable.  These are cheap and always come in handy, so keep a handful (maybe 3 of them) on you wherever you skratch.  If you choose to play your  skratching through an outside speaker - rather than through the built-in speaker on your turntable, or through a set of headphones - then you will use this same cable to connect your turntable (via its 3.5mm headphone jack) to your outside speaker.  

Upgraded slipmat

One of the first upgrades I'd recommend.  It's pretty cheap, too.  You'll want to tear off whatever shitty slipmat comes on the turntable, and remove the sticky residue with WD-40 or something similar.  Then throw one of these on there, and you've already made a huge improvement to your setup. 

Platter Stabilizer

One area where the portable turntables currently in existence really come up short: their platters are quite wobbly.  This is detrimental to your skratching efforts for several reasons.  The up-and-down wobble of the platter - and therefore of your record - can cause your stylus to skip while you are cutting.  Even with modern-day "skipless" records, this will suck because the needle jumping can cause unwanted gaps in the sound of your cutting, and might even cause the needle to move all the way out of the skipless section you are using.  Even aside from the (substantial) possibility of the needle skipping, the unwanted up-and-down motion of a wobbly platter creates unnecessary motion.  This is a problem because reaching your highest potential in skratching requires efficiency of movement.

For these reasons, I highly recommend installing a platter stabilizer such as the Stokyo Skratch Steady.  Please be warned that installing it requires a set of pliers and a bit of know-how; but you can rest assured that it's well worth having.

Power bank and adapter

With this adapter, you can now power your portable with any common power bank that you would charge your phone with.  Waaay preferable to dealing with batteries.  And this way, your cutting time will only be limited by the capacity of your power bank (and those things hold quite a lot of juice).  Very important: make sure you buy the USB 5V to 12V version in particular.  You can buy the adapter here.


Here's some extracurricular stuff to consider if you have extra coin to spend.  Not as vital as the above, but still cool.  Warning: this portable turntable stuff is a rabbit hole, with more and more cool items coming out all the time.  You can and will get addicted.  Don't say we didn't warn you!

Jetpack bag by Orbit Concepts 

Truthfully speaking, you can just cram your crap into whatever backpack you already have.  But this is a dope bag that was made specifically for the purpose of hauling your portable turntable around, and it's made by some of our homies.  Worth a look!

Raiden Portable Mixer

If having a crossfader alone doesn't meet your needs, check out this portable mixer by Raiden Audio!  It's got a rechargeable battery, bass/treble control for each channel, headphone jack, and lots of other cool features as you can see here.  Dope shit!